Hailing from a sleepy beach town in CT, Andy Seltzer’s capabilities as a multi-instrumentalist stem from growing up with a guitarist brother who taught him bass and drums early on so they could jam together in sibling harmony. In middle school he begged his dad for a used MPC1000, and went crate-digging for records while visiting his brother at college in NYC. High school provided an escape through a portal to the distant land of Garageband, and the tiny loft above Andy’s real garage became the laboratory where his piano-powerpop band would craft their first songs.

It wasn’t until a friend dragged him against his will to a college house party in Boston years later where he met a singer looking for a producer, and for reasons unknown the words “…Hey I’m a producer!” stumbled out of his mouth, and there was no looking back.

Andy’s production style is versatile; each canvas is specific to the artist’s song he is working with in order to deliver a vision with integrity and timelessness while being a bit left-of-center. His love for hip hop, 80’s new wave, Paul Simon, and pop sensibility can’t help but make their way onto the recordings one way or another. Andy has had the joy of producing alongside the likes of Chelsea Cutler, Maggie Rogers, Zuri Marley, Valley (Universal Canada), Tor Miller, Penguin Prison, Fletcher, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Secret Weapons, and Madison Love, with an undying dedication to artist development and writing songs in LA for years to come.